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Federation of Motor & Credit Companies Associations of Malaysia


FMCCAM represents the interests of independent motor vehicle dealers, who provides sales and services to motorists and businesses in Malaysia.

In 1967, FMCKL was established and encouraged the formation of other state associations. A decade later in 1979, the Federation was officially formed with 9-member state associations, including 3,000 registered members out of 5,000 independent motor vehicle dealers nationwide.

``FMCCAM is the official voice of thousands of motor vehicle dealers Large or small``


A major opinion Influencer in motor trade matters


A Powerful Advocate for the motor trade industry, lobbying the Government, regulatory agencies and related industries and associations


A Guide and Support for members, providing information and promoting best practice


Our Objectives


FMCCAM is recognized throughout Malaysia as the official voice of the car dealers and has an established record of accomplishments and fair dealings. Representatives of FMCCAM are often welcomed by officials of every regulatory agency that deals with the car industry.

  • To foster the relationship among all Motor & Credit Companies Associations in the states of Malaysia to safeguard their common legitimate interests as well as to promote motor and credit trades.
  • To promote culture, education and welfare of the society.
  • To work together with other legitimate organisations for the advancement of economic prosperity of the country and the aforesaid objectives (A) & (B).


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